Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm 18 and I'm a mother

Yes, it's true. Infact, i'm a mother of two babies. I know, it's so cool.

My dad actually bought me these two babies during chinese new year so it's like chinese new year present or something. And no worries it's not illegal, because the government actually allow you to do something like this, o yeah, well at least here in my country.

Babes and dudes sekalian jangan salah faham, ni bukan kes jualan bayi, no it's not homosapien. My dad wouldn't do something like that. Haha ni mesti dah terpedaya kan? Actually the babies i was referring to was hedgehog. Korang kenal Sonic the hedgehog? Yer haiwan comel tu la, mini landak. Sangat cute dan sangat comel.

Papa beli dua ekor. So cepat-cepat nak kasi nama la kan, my kawan ada suggested nama Kibod, yang ni panjang cerita, jadi sangat lah malas nak tulis kat sini. I thought of naming the other one Queen but my brother insisted of using the name Dazzle instead of Queen. And so being a good sister like i always am, i agreed to his demand (since it wasn't really a suggestion). Bwahaha.

So ini Kibod. This was when my dad first bought him, which was a while ago. Yeah, i know he looks really aggressive in this picture. And the quills are kinda sharp. Pada awalnya memang dia sangat takutkan rinee, aku muka macam penjahat ke? Jangan la takut baby baby.

Haaa, yang ni gambar latest. Took this picture after giving him a warm bath. Cute kan? Makin comel sekarang maybe sebab feed mealworms so jadi chubby sikit. Takper, tuan dia pun bukan kurus sangat. HAHAHA. Nanti kita diet together yer baby. I tried rotating this picture, but it just didn't work out. Sorry.

Gambar baby yang satu lagi, Dazzle, cannot be uploaded sebab dia macam cute on the outside but aggressive in the inside so bila nk picture-picture jer terus lari. Macam dia kenal jer camera, waaaaa baby bajet artis eh? Ok lah, kalau macam tu mummy jadi mamarazzi.

Yupe that's it. My babies.
I love you Kibod Dazzle.

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